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Why Creating Video Content Increases Conversions

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Video content continues to evolve as one of the most effective mediums for connecting with clients and potential customers who visit your site for fresh and engaging content. When used effectively, it can also become a powerful vehicle for improving conversion rates and boosting sales.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the benefits of effective video content as well as how to use it most effectively.

Below are the best ways you can use video to engage with your customers.

Customer Testimonials & Reviews

Reviews and testimonials from existing customers boost your reputation with site visitors which increases conversion rates and boosting sales. Though people have started to become skeptical about ambiguously written reviews that appear only in text.

When you use a video for a testimonial or a review, it puts a face to the name, while also adding gravity to the message being portrayed. To do this most effectively, you might want to collaborate with your customers or provide a chat box that allows for direct engagement. If someone does post a message in the comments section under a video, be sure to follow up with a positive and professional response.

You can then position the testimonial video on your site in the reviews section. It can also be cross-posted to your social media platforms to help maximize exposure.

Developing Tutorial Videos

Tutorial videos and “How-To” content are also very popular most popular types of videos on a wide range of social media platforms. They provide useful as they provide a lot of information and actionable tips.

Tutorial videos are even more effective if the product or service you are selling is technical in nature or happens to require some assembly. Say for example you are selling a new type of grill, which for shipping purchases needs to be sent disassembled in a single box. Posting a how-to assembly video on your website and providing the customer with literature that directs them to it will go a long way toward boosting their approval of the product. It might even draw a more positive review than if they struggled to put it together from poorly drawn paper instructions.

Explanation Videos

Some products and services of a technical nature can feel overwhelming to a potential customer. Especially if your closest competitor is offering information in a text-only format. Creating an explanation video for potential new and existing customers helps them understand the features and benefits of your product as well as how to use them best. This can be a major factor in securing a sale for products that need deeper levels of detail.

Using Video To Host Webinars

A webinar takes the benefits of an explanation or tutorial visit to the next level. It lets the audience attend a “Virtual Event” to get more information. It also allows for a greater level of interaction. Best of all, most webinars have some type of limited capacity, and individuals need to sign up or reserve their spot in advance. This is also a strong indicator that they are more likely to convert to a successful sale or to generate a high-value lead.

Collaborate With Influencers

In the realm of social media experts and influencers are a great way to create engaging video content to boost your conversions. Though you will need to do the leg work to find truly relevant influencers in your niche and then negotiate with them on the type of content they are willing to provide for your site. This might call for some form of compensation, which can vary from one influencer to the next.

In some instances, this might be a highly engaging video. Though even simply things like unboxing videos, product reviews, service tutorials, and other simple social media-friendly videos. This can go a long way toward giving your company a strong reputation in your niche, which will lend itself to a higher conversion rate amongst potential new customers.

Going Live On Social Media

Many social media platforms are offering up the ability to “Go Live.” Many of these video sessions generate alerts on a wide range of devices, which can get prospective new customers and existing customers to click and consume the live streaming video content your offer.

Though it’s important to make sure you have a clear idea of what you are going to present in these truly live sessions. This might mean using a script and rehearsing your performance or placing cue cards about key topics in key locations. The goal is always to feel natural and organic, even if you are offering up prepared information in your live video.

Many Live Videos also give you the opportunity to directly connect and interact with visitors. This can be a great way to field questions or to get an idea of questions you might want to address in future content. This can be a great strategy for removing obstacles to a potential sale for a new customer to boost conversion rates.

Using Video To Leverage Social Media Stories

Storytelling is the new vanguard form of interaction on a wide range of social media platforms. Many platforms have the content disappear after a certain amount of time. This encourages people to click on the story “Before It’s Gone!”

This gives you an idea of who wants to consume your video content as well as what types of stories your target audience is more likely to engage in the future. Many times this is as simple as a “Swipe Up” feature, which can also be used to harvest key data points.

This type of video storytelling can be used strategically for things like announcements about a new product launch, updated brand information, or new promotions. You can even cross-promote upcoming features by using the storytelling video as a “Sneak Peek” for what’s coming next.

Can I Produce My Own In-House Video Content?

If you have the right technology and experience you might be able to easily handle things like a live streaming video or a promotional announcement. Though with any video content you run the risk of coming off as being unprofessional. When you outsource to a professional company to help generate your video content, you get the peace of mind that comes from knowing state-of-the-art equipment is being used to produce and disseminate your video for maximum effectiveness.

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