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What SEO Can Do For You: The “Eyes” Have It! How We Used SEO To Get More People To See This Eye Doctor

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An SEO Case Study:

Ideal Eyecare. Dr. Matt Taylor started his practice in Council Bluffs, IA in 2010. A small practice, Dr. Taylor was the only doctor on a team staff which included two other part-time secretaries.

Dr. Taylor’s goal was to grow the practice. When Dr. Taylor reached out to lgx, the only tool in his marketing arsenal was a single-page website he built himself.

He knew that he needed help with the website, and in developing his brand, but could not do it himself.

Getting the Basics Right:

The biggest initial need was a new website. Dr. Taylor also needed photography of the office, and headshots of staff, as well as candid and environmental photos for the website.

He needed brand development, so in the process of building the site, we honed in on brand colors and stuck to them. We created the logo. We produced business cards and other physical marketing deliverables. We also coordinated e-blasts, managed his Facebook brand page, and published a billboard for him off of 60th and I-80.

Ideal Eyecare Local 3 Pack GMB Results Page Screenshot

We built Ideal Eyecare to the #1 result for a search for “optometrist” within 60 miles of his location.

Driving Internet Traffic:

After getting a site he was proud of, Dr. Matt wanted to drive traffic to it, with the ultimate goal of having patients book appointments online. We developed a custom appointment booking solution.

And most importantly, in 2017, we started optimizing his site, and his Google My Business page, via search engine optimization, or SEO.

We started publishing regular, long form blog post content around popular questions that Google loves:

“What causes you to see floaters and stars in your vision?”
“What is peripheral vision and what can you do if you start losing it?”
“What does 20/20 vision mean?”

The goal was (and is) to be the trusted resource for everything related to eye care services by producing quality, well researched content centered around the questions that people search for online.

By doing so, along with the correct local signals, the site shows up to people within the local community for an array of questions, above other eye care providers since the site has become the most reliable and relevant resource.

Currently, Dr. Matt’s website is outranking huge sites like WebMD for these types of questions, leading to huge traffic to the website. Both nationwide, and locally.


  • For the month of January 2017, the website got 654 page views.
  • For the month of January 2021, the website got 7,054 page views.
  • In year one, Dr. Matt doubled his number of patients.
  • In year two of SEO, he increased his revenue by 40%.
  • In year three, he did so well he was able to buy a 2nd office in NW Omaha.

Since starting SEO, he has never had a year where the practice did not increase revenue by at least 20%. And this is with NO other marketing efforts.

In the last 16 months, per Google Search Console, we have gotten 4.3 million impressions in search.

Screen SHot Of Google Search Console Data

Google Search Console shows the arc of continued SEO success.

Which means that one of our pages has shown up that many times, when a relevant search term is queried.

“See” what we did for Dr. Matt? We can help your marketing campaign or brand be successful thanks to our “foresight” and ability to execute strategy.

Give us a “look” and contact us today with any questions.

Founded in 2010, little guy branding (lgx) has grown from project-based freelance work to a full service digital marketing company headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska.

Our initial focus was small and medium-sized businesses (the “little guy”) in and around Omaha. We’ve worked with iconic local brands like Ollie the Trolley, Eat Fit Go, Vic’s Popcorn, Mama’s Pizza, and Creighton University. 

As we have grown, we’ve been able to offer services for businesses of all sizes and shapes and to work with nationally recognizable brands like Facebook, Old Spice, Gatorade, and Harley-Davidson on nationwide marketing campaigns. We work hard to give our smaller business clients the same experience as we do to our largest national clients and their projects.

lgx can help you with website design, search engine optimization, mobile app development, e-commerce, social media management, video production, logo design, photography, and brand strategy & development.

We are fully licensed, insured, and incorporated under little guy design, INC. We are part of the BBB, the Omaha Chamber or Commerce, the Sarpy County Chamber of Commerce, and supporters of the Association of Legal Administrators - Nebraska Chapter.  

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