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Virus killing air purifiers selling fast!

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It's probably not what you think of buying your family for Christmas, but it can be in important part of keeping them healthy and happy through the holidays.  Air purifiers are selling fast especially since the start of the pandemic because they kill down to virus size particles in your entire home.  

The Sanuvox R Max uses UV technology and a high-efficient patented design to destroy airborne bio-chemical contaminants including bacteria, viruses, and mold.

Sanuvox UV Air Sterilization Systems

We also sell the iWave-R which uses positive and negative ions to kill virus sized particles as well as smoke and airborne mold.  Nu-Calgon says the commercial iWave kills 99.4% of Covid-19 in 30 minutes.

iWave Demonstration Vide with Mold Smoke Demo

Give us a call at 402-391-2336 if you're interested in one for your home or business.  

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Media Contact : Jake Wasikowski

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