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Take a Drink AND Listen

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Take a Drink AND Listen

Some ask us what we do, how we do it and why. Others know us quite well. We Help Our Clients Grow by providing Financial Leadership on Demand!

Professional services is about learning what’s important to those at the table; it isn’t about talking up features and functionality. Too often people view introductory conversations as an opportunity to simply solve the problem(s) or describe how to do so. It may be tempting to sell skills and expertise while convincing them to hire you rather than utilizing a more effective technique leading to a true partnership. CFO Systems takes the time to ask questions, listen & learn, and then adjust accordingly to become that trusted partner towards success.

When you ask an open-ended question (how, what, when, why), rather than a “multiple-choice question”, there may be an uncomfortable silence as the individual contemplates the question as well as their answer. While it is tempting to fill the silence use the long pause instead. Pick up that glass of water and take a drink.

Closeup glass of water on conference table woman working in the background

At first, trying this approach may it might feel odd or unnatural, but waiting to listen and asking is the way to learn what that client wants or needs (not what you think they need). Demonstrating interest in them and their business validates your commitment to providing great service to meet and exceed their expectations.

Instead of selling, listen to learn and seek to understand, not to solve. Take that drink…

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