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STS Announces New MPowerPrint Managed Service for Zebra Technologies’ Label Printers

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Originally released on PR Newswire on September 14, 2021

Scantron Technology Solutions (STS), a managed technology services provider and Registered Reseller and Advanced Printer Repair Specialist, announced a new managed print service solution, MPowerPrint for Zebra Technologies’ label printers. STS will deliver fleet optimization, proactive management, nationwide service, and consumable replenishment with certified supplies for Zebra thermal label printers running Zebra Print DNA software.

This collaboration allows STS to expand its managed services in the transportation, logistics, manufacturing, and retail markets. Businesses gain visibility of their networked label printers, optimize printer performance, and identify vulnerabilities by securing their printers. STS will provide businesses with technology to determine when supplies and services are required, alleviating the support burden from their internal IT departments. Overall, companies are choosing managed print services to streamline their operations, obtain print security advice and reduce expenditures.

“MPowerPrint for Zebra will allow us to support businesses of all sizes with installation, maintenance, monitoring, and consumable replenishment,” said Vern Kathol, Vice President of Solutions, STS. “Our goal is to optimize thermal print environments through proactive management and security while improving customer satisfaction.”

Trends to watch in thermal printing

The thermal printing market is growing at a CAGR of 4-7% as businesses expand. This growth is attributed to the change in specific industries (Manufacturing, Healthcare, Transportation and Logistics, Retail, and Government) that rely on them to keep their businesses running smoothly.

As companies explore ways to keep their supply chain resilient to economic shifts, services like MPowerPrint for Zebra are helping them take a proactive approach. By leveraging usage data and supply monitoring, managed print services help companies keep their existing thermal printers optimally running for a more extended period. Thermal printing supplies accounted for over 65% of the industry share because of the quality of the consumables. High-quality consumables not only reduce the wear and tear on a thermal printer, but they also stand up to the high-demand, and grueling environments thermal printers are often used.

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Media Contact : Michelle Travis

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Source : Scantron Technology Solutions

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