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Strada Healthcare is Hiring a Sales Associate!

Company News

Strada Healthcare and Members.MD are now hiring a full-time Sales Associate in the Omaha area.

To apply, please view the job listing on Indeed here.

About Strada Healthcare and Members.MD

Strada Healthcare was established in Nebraska by Dr. Joel Bessmer and his wife Kathy Bessmer. Strada Healthcare has grown to be the premier physician-owned network of Direct Primary Care providers across the Midwest, East Coast and Southwest. Through Strada Healthcare, its members pay a low monthly fee of $99 directly to their Strada Healthcare primary care provider for unlimited access to them versus co-pays for individual service. This model encourages wellness and prevention, and allows for a closer patient-provider relationship, cost savings, and better health outcomes. Strada Healthcare has business partnerships across the nation and is growing because they can prove cost savings and increased health with exact numbers. You can learn more about Strada Healthcare here.


Members.MD is a quickly-growing concierge medicine practice in Omaha, Nebraska. Like Strada Healthcare, Members.MD was established in Omaha in 2010 by Joel Bessmer, MD and his wife Kathy Bessmer. It was founded on the principle that our community deserves real relationships with their physicians. Members.MD has four primary care physicians who have the time and resources to fully dedicate themselves to their patients. For instance, each physician has a maximum patient panel of 400, versus the typical 4-5,000 for a primary care physician. They spend upwards of an hour with patients, develop in-depth, personalized health plans and guide their patients through to reach health and wellness goals. You can learn more about Members.MD here.

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