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Social Media Branding Strategies for Small Business

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A little help goes a long way:  Social Media Branding Strategies for Small Business - By little guy branding

There’s no doubt about it, social media is here to stay and it’s power to both connect as well as drive business success continues to grow. For some company’s their social media branding presence has even more power to drive sales than their print and other physical media advertising combined. Social media is continually evolving and growing. No longer is there just a few platforms to engage with new or existing followers.  Sure, there are a few standouts which are the staple outlets to reach the lionshare of people such as facebook, instagram and twitter.  There are over 100 various outlets that you could be listed on, however most are usually not worth the time or effect to be a part of. Although 2 years ago, who ever heard of TikTok? Now that is quickly growing to be the largest social media platform in 2021.

Of course, effective social media branding is much more than simply hosting a Facebook page and posting cute content articles on Instagram. Effective social media marketing needs to be targeted and strategic. This is even more true for small businesses that need to connect with new customers as well as relying on repeat sales from loyal customers.

It starts with consistency throughout your brand image as well as your social media interactions. This includes things like generating content in the same tone and voice, throughout all your platforms, as well as in your e-mail marketing.

Your company’s brand image is more than just graphics and strategic logo use. It is also the experience your customers enjoy when they interact with your company or connect with your social media platforms. On a basic level it is how your company makes your existing and potential new customers feel, on a consistent basis.

For a small business to pull off in an effective and cost-efficient social media brand strategy, you need to address the following points.  For full explanations of each, visit our blog

Be Consistent On All Levels

Be Prepared To Enhance Your Visual Branding

Develop A Unique Marketing Persona For Your Social Media Platforms

Create Multiple Accounts For Different Platforms & Focus Topics

Be Consistently Active On All Your Social Media Platforms

Offer Up Fresh Content

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Media Contact : Paul Eide

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