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Sage Capital Real Estate 10-Year Anniversary Celebration Recap

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It’s no surprise that the anniversary party and open house held by Sage Capital Real Estate Investments is the talk of the town this month in Omaha, Nebraska.  Clients, partners, friends and family enjoyed the conversations and company, beautiful office space, views of the Silicon Prairie and networking on Thursday night at their corporate offices.  

The event to show off Sage Capital’s new office included the view of a beautiful sunset from their offices on the 14th floor and even a special visit from Omaha’s favorite mascot, Hoot, of Union Omaha the professional soccer club sponsored by Sage Capital. 

Sage’s work is in commercial real estate as brokers, developers and syndicators.  Their areas of expertise include commercial real estate sales and leasing, multifamily development and other development, business brokerage and real estate investments.

“Our brokers are your all-in-one solution for commercial real estate.  They excel in finding ideal properties, negotiating deals, and ensuring smooth transactions.  We are your real estate advisor and your commercial real estate journey is made easy with Sage” said Terry Root, Executive Managing Director of Brokerage.  

Founding values at Sage include providing exceptional service to their clients while delivering integrity, transparency and excellence in all dealings that build long-term relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

“Sage excels in crafting exceptional multi-family housing projects with a proven track record of success.  Our team handles complex aspects of the development process including site selection, feasibility studies, project management, and financing.”  “We have had some impressive successes and we are always open to savvy investors looking to join us in the journey if you are ready to dive into the world of apartment development,” said Aaron Moser, Founder and president.

When you consider becoming a client with Sage, rest assured that all parties are treated fairly and expectations will be exceeded while excellence is delivered.  

“At Sage, we connect buyers and sellers, simplifying the process.  I am excited about our business brokerage operation that is helping our core leadership team grow and expand in Omaha and beyond” said Jamie Dudney, V.P., Business Brokerage excelling in the leadership of the business brokerage team. 

The history of Sage Capital Investments grew from roots in Omaha and was founded in 2013 by Aaron Moser.  After many years in commercial real estate brokerage with larger firms, Mr. Moser wanted to build a firm that concentrated on client-responsive brokerage, community-defining developments, and flexibility to be able to provide other tangential services that add value to its client base.

“Within Greater Omaha, the urban core demands 24,000 housing units within 20 years while adding 30,000 jobs according to the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce in addition to all of the opportunities in the surrounding area for development and brokerage.”  “We at Sage Capital are positioned perfectly with our core leadership team and we see Greater Omaha looking bright for continued growth and expansion into the coming decade.”  “We are committed to Omaha from our proven track record while being poised to become the strongest leader in the Midwest region of boutique brokerage, investment, business brokerage, and development services,” said Ben Washburn, Real Estate Associate.  

Sage Capital Real Estate Investments' core leadership team in Omaha consists of: Aaron Moser, Terry Root, Kim Root, Collin Brown, Colm Breathnach, Lydia Johnson, Jamie Dudney, Jeff Johnson, Nick Koley, and Ben Washburn. 

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