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New, Free Guide for Investors

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We’ve published a new, free guide for investors, “10 Better Questions to Ask Your  Financial Planner in Omaha.”

If you’re looking for a financial planner/advisor in Omaha, you may be wondering what questions to ask.

It’s easy to find lists of suggested questions online, but there’s a problem.

Financial planners and advisors know what questions you’re going to ask them. They have well-rehearsed answers that may sidestep important details. That means you may not get the insights you really need.

For that, you need better questions.  Here are a few:

  • Will the planner outsource management of your assets or do they do that work in-house?

  • Can the advisor judge when assets are overpriced?

  • Do you understand the total cost of your relationship with the advisor?

  • Will you work with the advisor you’re talking to, or will you be assigned to a junior member of the group?

We also explain how to check the background of an advisor, how to find a Certified Financial PlannerTM

professional, and what questions to ask a planner after you’ve been working with them.

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Media Contact : Eric Ball, CEO

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