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Improving your Customer Acquisition

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Online customer acquisition is a serious challenge for a lot of companies. Especially when you consider the effectiveness can be a decreasing scale without a highly effective branding strategy to guide you. This includes things like pull marketing strategies, superior dedications to customer service, consistent branding, focusing on SEO, and effectively leveraging high-quality content, just to name a few.

If you are looking to take your customer acquisition strategies to the next level, then you need to find ways to integrate the following strategies throughout your company’s platforms.

What Is Customer Acquisition?

Customer acquisition is a targeted process where you strategically bring in new customers to your business. The underlying goal is to generate sustainable and systematic acquisition strategies that not only keep pace with industry trends but also place you on the leading edge of new sales. Many companies find that using pull marketing strategies helps to boost the overall effectiveness of their customer acquisition strategies.

What Is Pull Marketing Strategy?

The term “Pull” refers to a marketing strategy that is geared to attract customers to you, as opposed to “Push” marketing tactics. An effective pull marketing strategy starts with being actively aware that some other entities and competitors are already occupying the space where you are trying to acquire new customers, as well as cement the loyalty of existing customers. This is a critical first step toward making your business more attractive and easier to find than the competition.

An Effective Pull Marketing Strategy Helps

  • Ensure business growth in the long term
  • Maintains & strengthens your presence in your specific niche or industry
  • Improves customer loyalty
  • Promotes brand recognition with customer engagement
  • Increases visibility
  • Heightens your social media traffic & social media sharing
  • Increases the traffic to your site in an organic yet trackable way
  • Increases referrals
  • Boosts sales revenue cost-effectively
  • Engages costumes to put you at the top of their shopping funnel
  • Draw in investors, contributors, and influencers

Strategic Steps To Improve Your Customer Acquisition Strategy

Clearly Define Your Target Audience

Identifying your potential audience will significantly increase your chances of being recognized in your space by standing out from your competitors. This includes things like identifying demographics, industry sales patterns, and trends, as well as identifying niche opportunities with room for growth.

Most companies will conduct complete marketing research studies to assess who to target as well as how to target them. This provides a data-driven segment that can be used to guide you in the process of honing your customer acquisition strategies, while also helping to identify less effective strategies in the process.

Select The Best Acquisition Channels

Once you’ve developed a clear picture of who your ideal customers are, you can then start to select the best channels and platforms to help build brand awareness and stand out from competitors in your space. It helps to first set clear goals for yourself and your campaign, which you can then track measurably. In the early stages, you can then test different channels to compare individual successes relative to each other. This will go a long way toward finding the ideal channels to connect with potential new customers and cement loyal relationships with existing customers.

Effectively Leverage Your Video Content

Video content marketing is dramatically increasing ineffectiveness, which leads to higher sales conversion rates. Human beings are visual learners and video content tends to be a great way to inform prospects about your brand as well as educate them about your product line.

Offer Give Away Items & Engage In Charitable Acts

People are attracted to free things and promotional items. Offering items draws people to you and encourages them to engage. It can be a great vehicle for soft-selling, or simply to develop brand awareness. It also helps put your products in their hands, which can boost their curiosity about the rest of your line.

Produce High-Quality Content Regularly

Content generation not only helps you get noticed by search engines, but it also helps provide evergreen information that boosts customer acquisition rates in the long term. It also helps to establish your leadership presence in your industry or niche. In the long-term consistent high-quality content also helps boost consumer trust in your brand.

Content generation also helps boost lead generation, while also being less expensive than typical outbound marketing. This can include simple things like starts a blog for your business, sharing content on social media, hosting podcast transcripts, and publishing white papers online.

If your website or company blog already has mature content, you can go back and refresh evergreen articles. Seasonal topics can and should be re-written and then republished to demonstrate activity, while also giving your potential customers the trust that you are staying abreast of industry trends.

Optimize Your SEO

Search engine optimization not only helps boost your organic rankings by search engines, but it also helps increase your industry presence. Once you have established your online presence with a foothold in insightful content, you can then hone your SEO practices.

Boost Engagement With A Vigorous Referral Program

Referrals are a great way to boost leads and enhance conversion rates. It is a highly successful customer acquisition strategy for startups and small businesses. It can be as simple as offering current customers incentives such as extra features and discounts to incentivize them to refer your services to their friends and family members.

Optimize Your Landing Pages

Optimizing your landing pages makes them more effective by strategically directing consumers to specific products or services. This starts with providing valuable information while also including a compelling call-to-action to encourage conversion. Most companies find the best way to optimize their landing pages starts with classic A/B testing. This will help dial in what works best and what doesn’t for specific segments.

Strategically Target Your Website & Email Engagement

This is a tried-and-true cornerstone of effective customer acquisition strategies. When building a website, this includes customizing content to put you in front of your target audience, through promotional content, discount offers, and concise product information.

Offer E-mail Subscription & Newsletter Opportunities

Offering a free subscription to your company’s newsletter or e-mail alerts helps in two ways. First, it gives you an active lead on a potential new customer, including key data points for more effective target market placement. Second, it allows you to send them new information to maintain brand awareness. This plays a significant role in boosting conversion rates.

Create Co-Branded Content

Co-branded content helps to promote both companies and is especially helpful for affiliates and online retailers. It also positions you in front of the other company’s established audience. It’s a highly effective way for distributors and online retailers to boost market awareness and establish brand loyalty.

Answer Questions & Respond To Reviews

These days reviews and questions on internet forums and sites abound. A lot of commonly asked questions entered into search engines will direct a potential customer to a question or review of your company’s products or services. Being diligent to respond to all questions and comments ensures that you are in control of the conversation. It can also help boost your rankings on popular internet search engines.

Attract High-Quality Guest Blogger Content

Guest blogging is very popular, to the point where low-quality guest blogging is so “Done to death” that it can be a negative. Effective guest blogging needs to focus only on high-value engaging content and includes backlinks to highly reputable sites.

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