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Huntrex Website Management

Huntrex, Website Management Company Expands to Omaha

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Huntrex Create & Connect is proud to call Omaha its new home. Huntrex® is a leader in marketing communications, focusing on its signature website design and management solution. Huntrex clients range from Fortune 500 companies to local enterprises.

“With current COVID-19 restrictions, websites have never been more important to conducting business,” said Mitch Hunt, Huntrex CEO. “Businesses must innovate to survive. Huntrex is a catalyst for growing business in the increasingly important and complex online marketplace.”

A Central Nebraska native, Hunt founded Huntrex in 2012 in Broken Bow, NE. Huntrex soon became known for video production, with a portfolio of local, state, and national clients. Huntrex also unlocked the potential of the web for its clients. 

“I discovered that many business owners knew the importance of having an online presence, but not how to harness it effectively,” said Hunt. 

Having witnessed the enormous opportunity and potential of the web, Hunt concentrated efforts on building a hybrid website service. After years of R&D and business advancement, Huntrex tapped an under-served market.

“Through research, I discovered a niche in the website market. It is currently dominated by self-serve web builders, which too often end with frustration and a lackluster result. Alternatively, professional agencies are expensive, and quality freelancers are hard to find and can be unreliable,” said Hunt. 

Huntrex provides quality, responsive websites at a price tag businesses can afford. Huntrex is continually adopting new technology to ensure clients experience optimal results, security, and reliability. 

Relationships are key to the Huntrex business model. Understanding the client’s business and unique needs is a priority. This context translates to a superior website strategy and design. Following website launch, Huntrex maintains a close connection to ensure the site adapts to business needs and technology. Clients can easily make most changes through the website portal. Huntrex is only moments away anytime a question or need arises. 

Businesses no longer have to worry about complicated, outdated, or flawed websites. Huntrex manages the design and future administration of the site, while the client focuses on business. A website subscription powers all standard technology costs, administration, training, and personal support. Clients enjoy robust features, simplified site editing, effortless management, and website lifetime support. Huntrex websites are created and maintained in Omaha, Nebraska, with pride, dedication, and reliability. To learn more, visit, contact / 1-(844)HUNTREX (486-8739), or follow on Facebook (@huntrexcreative).

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