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Huntrex Founder Announces Marketing Educational Video Series

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Announcement video:

Video Transcript:

"I’m Mitch Hunt, the founder and owner of Huntrex. During my ten years with Huntrex, I’ve witnessed our fearless business partners find success in challenges, navigate changing practices and technology, and make significant accomplishments. I love celebrating business and the entrepreneurs that fuel its success. Business, people, and innovation drive Huntrex. We’re in this for you. We’re ready to serve you today, tomorrow, and when cars fly.

Seriously though, times are changing rapidly. We want your business to harness the web to the fullest, seamlessly adapting to business, customer, and technology needs down the road.

What will the device in (on) your hand look like in ten years? What will your business look like? Will Bitcoin still exist? You have enough to think about—don’t worry about the future of your website or app. Huntrex will guide you and your online presence through change and the associated challenges. We can’t guarantee Bitcoin will make you a millionaire, but we will do our best to make sure you always have your best foot forward online.

Small business is the lifeblood of our economy and my personal passion. I want to help you succeed. These videos are for you. Get ready for easily-digestible tips, tricks, and industry secrets. Don’t be a stranger. Come back regularly for wisdom, success, and riches. Well, at least some of my rambling on online marketing. The rest is up to you."

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Media Contact : Mitch Hunt

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