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How To Build A Website For Your Business - in 8 Steps

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When building a website for your business it is all too easy to get overly caught up in the nuts and bolts details of design, web hosting, and software features. Especially if you are a small business, a startup or just delving into building your first business website.

The reality is that while you do have to mind the technical details, a strategic approach to building your website will optimize performance and reduce your overall bounce rate. A strategic approach also increases your ability to target your small business to the audience members who are most likely to convert into paying customers.

In this day and age, even traditional brick-and-mortar businesses need a web presence. Most potential customers will use the internet to learn about your business via product research, reviews, reading blogs & content to simple details like your company’s physical location or operating hours.

Fortunately, modern website design software is easier than ever to use. So long as you follow some basic steps to ensure your site has a professional look and is easy to navigate.  Here are the key things you need to do: 

1.  Identify The Primary Purpose Of Your Company’s Website

2.  Determine Your Website’s Domain Name

3.  Select A Web Host

4.  What Is Your Agenda? Informational or Transactional?

5.  Strategically Build Your Pages With Proper Structure

6.  Test Your Website Before Publishing

7.  Promote Your Business Website On Social Media

8.  Invest In SEO – Search Engine Optimization

To learn more about each of these steps, read the full article by little guy branding.  

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