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Holiday Shopping 2020 will be different. by Dick Lerner, Bel Air Fashions

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I was asked to comment on a article about Holiday Shopping, has it started yet? Holiday gift buying is just starting. With the Pandemic and the Election, it will impact many families this Fall. A disproportioned number of families are unemployed, working from home and a impending election has caused a lot of disruption. Holiday Shopping will be different in 2020. The election needs to be determined what direction this country is heading. People for the most part are being very careful when and where they venture out and what is going to be spent. Many are concerned with the Virus spread which has created very limited foot traffic. Another part of this: working from home. Apparel needs are limited. Business and leisure travel is pretty much non-existent. Entertainment is very limited. Large gatherings at venues may start again in 2021 or 2022. Until there are vaccines, not much will change. There will be online holiday buying and curbside pick up to limit exposure. The question is, can restaurants and retailers get to the other side of the pandemic and survive?. It is more important now than ever to shop local. If you want your restaurants and stores to be here after the Pandemic, now is the time to support Shop Local. Shop local will lead the recovery when this is all over.

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