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FREE WEBINAR: Creating Connections Through Podcasting

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Podcasting is all about building a strong bond with your listeners, customers, and guests. 62 million people listened to podcasts weekly in 2019 and that number is growing. Studies show that podcast listeners are educated, affluent, and most importantly loyal. 

We will cover the best uses for podcasting (it's not necessarily building a huge audience), how to set realistic expectations, and assessing whether a podcast can help grow your business. 

We will also answer questions about how to record a podcast, how to have it edited, and how to promote a podcast. You will also receive access to our resources page that will help you in all of these stages. 

Whether you want to develop a deeper relationship with potential customers or you want to spread a message, this workshop will start you on that path. You will walk away with an action plan and support to make it happen. 

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