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Free- Energy Levels Index - Experience More Enthusiasm & Passion Workshop

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iPEC Energy Leadership™ Index (ELI) uses seven different energy “levels” to describe the types of energy a person experiences and expresses. With the awareness of how you might react in a situation based on the energy level you experienced each, you can have the opportunity to reshape your attitude and worldview by looking closely at where (and how) you’re investing your energy.

Join us on 4/28 from 10.30 am to 12 pm, Reserve your spot at

Here’s how someone experiencing each level of energy might react in a situation where they are on a team with a co-worker who is very forceful and directive.

Level 1: Lack of choice. Victim energy. I can’t. I have to. Fearful. “I’m so upset. It’s like I don’t even exist – they just ignore me.” 

Level 2: Anger. Combativeness. Resisting or fighting energy. “I’m gonna tell them off. I’m so MAD!” 

Level 3: Rationalizing. Fine. “It’s okay. They’ve been here a long time and ARE on my team. I guess I can just deal with it.” 

Level 4: Care. Compassion. Service to others. “I really want the best for them and for the company. I’m happy to support them in any way I can.” Level 5: Reconciliation. Win-win. There’s no good or bad or right or wrong. “Where’s the opportunity here? How can we both win?” 

Level 6: Intuition. Creative genius. The space of brilliant visionaries. “We’re all connected and everything here has value and purpose.”

Level 7: Complete passion for all aspects of life. Oneness. “I feel complete passion and joy in this, and all situations.”

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