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Four Reasons to Love a Boutique Agency

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KidGlov was founded on the premise that, bigger isn’t always better. Sometimes, bigger is just bigger, less responsive, more complex. In fact, agency size and rate of growth have never been KidGlov’s primary goals. As changemakers, we’ve always believed we can make a difference. Because of who we are, we focus on advancing the missions of the organizations we serve. So the work we do together can make positive changes in the world.

There are a lot of options out there when choosing a partner advertising agency. At KidGlov, we know firsthand the incredible benefits of working with a boutique agency and how it could be the perfect fit for your brand.

1.    High accountability

At a boutique agency, your goals are our goals and our small, focused team is committed to your success. This level of connection is essential for building authentic relationships and high-performing partnerships.

2.    Responsive flexibility

Smaller firms typically operate with a flatter structure which makes them much nimbler and more responsive than large agencies. This means personalized attention, exactly when you need it the most. Calls are returned promptly, emails are acknowledged, and questions receive answers in a timely manner. And when that occasional hot project gets handed to you late in the game, you have the confidence that your team will be able to rally around you to get things done.

3.    Access to senior team members

Because boutique agencies tend to be smaller, there are fewer layers between you and your team. That means you have more direct access to, and input from, senior-level creatives and veteran expertise without having to navigate corporate bureaucracy. Being on a first-name basis with your entire team, including the owner, should be the norm, not the exception.

4.    Faster turnaround

When you are working with a smaller team of experienced professionals who are empowered to make decisions, you get answers and actionable recommendations much more quickly. Approvals, reviews, turnaround times and strategic business decisions can happen in hours instead of days or weeks.

As a boutique advertising agency, collaboration is what we do. You’ll see it in action each day within our own culture and in all of our interactions with our clients. KidGlov is how we do it: we intentionally serve organizations and corporations with the utmost care and attention. For more information about our team, our Denver, Omaha and Lincoln offices or our portfolio check out

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