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Event Targeting

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Strategically put your ads in front of attendees at all of this year's biggest events! Keep your brand and your messages at the fingertips of event attendees, even after the event concludes. Want to know how it works?

Event targeting builds an audience based on a geofence during a specific window of time. People at the event will enter the geofence and become part of an audience that can be targeted later with mobile ads. 

What events can you target?

- Sporting events

- Conferences

- Conventions

- Trade shows

- Concerts

- Fairs

- Parades

...And More!

Ready to learn more about event targeting and geofencing? Pixel Fire Marketing can help you maximize the potential of location-based targeting and build an audience interested in your product or service. Get in contact with our talented digital marketing specialists and find out how we can help ignite your brand.

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