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Skydiver falling to earth, symbolizing risky advice by actor matt damon

Blog: Matt Damon, Financial Advisor?

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Matt Damon, Financial Advisor?


Have you seen the commercial for

Actor Matt Damon walks through a sort of virtual museum, making solemn observations as we watch human beings striving to do great things - conquer flight, explore space, and climb formidable mountains.

He then does something your old high school history teacher never bothered to do. He sums up the lesson of human history. (The good stuff anyway.)

Since the time of the Romans, he says, the intrepid have calmed their minds and steeled their nerves with four simple words: “Fortune Favors the Brave.”

The commercial ends with the name of the sponsor, provides an app to buy, sell, and use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Many of these have shot to the moon, untethered by any sense of value.

Matt Should Know


Every time I’ve seen this spot, it’s been during a football game. Sports betting services have become big advertisers in recent years. has a strong appeal for the same audience. Risk a few bucks, and who knows? You might get lucky.


It’s also good casting to have Matt Damon as the star of the commercial. He played a genius in Good Will Hunting and a man up for any challenge in the Bourne movie series. For unthinking financial advice, this is hard to beat.

 All You Can Lose Is Everything

Fortune is a funny thing. It may favor the Brave, but it seems to like a little intelligence, too. At least in the long run.


Is it really likely that governments around the world will stand by while their taxing and regulatory power is undermined by cryptocurrency?


At some point, a trader may decide that the bravest act will be to break with the crypto crowd and sell.

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Media Contact : Eric Ball, CEO

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