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Apply to Present on Keep Local Alive

Community Events

Keep Local Alive is piloting a new livestream series pulling back the curtain revealing the humans behind the "front counter" and giving viewers a chance to connect with them! Each event we'll meet a new owner as they share the story behind what they do, why they got started and exciting "support local news". If you are a business owner and would like to share your story - APPLY HERE!

Keep Local Alive is taking the term "support local" and moving it from "words" to "action"! Locally-owned businesses are the lifeblood of our local Omaha area economy. They bring character and uniqueness to the individual communities they serve. A movement started as a rapidly growing Facebook group, it is a growing audience of over 10,000 consumers passionate about supporting locally owned businesses. The group is dedicated to highlighting all things local in our wonderful city! We need to rally around our locally-owned and make sure they survive and thrive. Do we want a city with only chain restaurants and big-box stores? NO!

The Keep Local Alive Meetup is a regularly occurring event series meant to foster a human connection between local patrons and local business owners.

People who support local want to get to know the people behind the business. This is your opportunity to show them that. No one expects you to present yourself as a polished corporate brand. Lean in to the fact that you're a busy parent building a business. Talk about your humble beginnings and the hard work it took. Talk about the pain point you saw people facing and how passionate you were to create a business to solve that problem!

Meet the owners of some of your favorite locally owned businesses and discover new ones as they share the story behind what they do, why they got started, exciting news to come. For those unable to attend in-person, be sure to follow along in the livestream. We will take a few questions from attendees so be sure to post those in the comments under the livestream. At the end of each live event, we’ll raffle off a special giveaway or offer a special deal. Must be in-person or on the livestream to redeem. For those attending in-person we ask that everyone wear a mask and adhere to the CDC’s social distancing standards.

6:00 - Host welcome & intro (start livestream)
6:05 - Presentation 6:15 - Audience Q&A
6:25 - Raffle
6:30 - Close-out Announce upcoming events, Cash Mob, Meetup, etc Invite to follow on social media

Can we host the event at our space?
Given a strong wi-fi connection can be established for the livestream at your location and when space and CDC-guided safety permit we may be able to host the event in your space with attendees. Otherwise we will host the event fully virtual.

Additional Info

Media Contact : Jason Feldman

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