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Agile Mindfulness

ADHD Women Group Coaching, 9 Week

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In this 9 week course, you have the opportunity to develop the necessary skills, and gain tools, to help you establish ADHD friendly systems for managing your ADHD symptoms in everyday activities.
This program is designed for you if ... You are a woman with ADHD, or think you might have it, and constantly struggling with:
1) Feeling overwhelmed or can't accomplish anything productive.
2) Time management.
3) Controlling emotional outbursts.
4) Procrastinating things to the last minute.
5) Staying organized or unable to find your stuff.

Gain access to new skills and tools. Take control of your ADHD struggles, and empower yourself to achieve your goals. 

Life as a woman with ADHD can be messy, but it doesn't have to be!

**Find out more about the program at and secure your spot at our upcoming class**

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Media Contact : Nora Plambeck

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