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A little help goes a long way: What is a Backlink and How Does it Work?

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A little help (from little guy design) goes a long way:  What is a backlink and how does it work? 

Search engine ranking is a complex science that goes far beyond keyword-rich engaging content and engaging images. The criteria that Google and other popular search engines use taps into a wide range of factors, including backlinking. To truly help boost your website you need to move backlinks up your list of priorities.

Though just how important backlinks are in your SEO strategy can vary. To truly make sure you are using them correctly, we are going to have to take a closer look at the value of backlinks and how to use them best on your website.

Check out our blog post to learn the answers to these backlink questions: 

What Is A Backlink?

Are There Different Types Of Backlinks?

Can I Backlink A Photo?

What Is The Best Way To Build Quality Backlinks?

What Is Competitive Backlink Research?

Is It Possible To Check My Backlinks?

What Are Toxic Backlinks?

How Do I Find Toxic Backlinks?

Summary: Quality backlinks certainly play an important role in maximizing your SEO strategy and improving your website’s performance. It’s a highly manual process that simply cannot be automated. It’s one of the reasons why link building can be costly when targeting a lot of keyphrases. When you come across various services that claim to get you quality backlinks for $5, remember, just like a car, you get what you pay for, and you are likely paying for something that can cause more harm than good. Just make sure not to overuse backlinks to other sites in your own site, and do your best to attract quality backlinks from places like associated product sites, social media platforms, and industry influencers. Be patient, stay diligent, and as time goes on chances are good you will start to garner high-quality backlinks in a variety of forms. Just don’t get complacent. Make sure to frequently perform backlink audits to catch toxic backlinks early, and then make every effort to have them removed.

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