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Community-powered care for the common good

CyncHealth, a 501(c)(3) organization, is a public health data utility that gives healthcare organizations the power to connect the dots across all points of patient care. It’s more than sharing data between providers – CyncHealth empowers patients and their care teams to work together for better health outcomes, lower costs, and thriving communities.


  • 1100+ healthcare facilities connected across the Midwest
  • 5 million patient lives supported with comprehensive health data
  • 1 shared goal of healthier communities

The Nebraska Health Information Initiative was founded in 2008 to support the secure transfer of information through the healthcare environment. Today, NEHII securely shares your health information amongst healthcare providers, pharmacists, emergency rooms, urgent cares, essentially wherever healthcare is delivered.

By sharing this information, your healthcare providers have access to lab comprehensive health history, medication dispensed by a pharmacy, laboratory tests, allergies, immunizations, transcribed reports and many other elements of health information.


Lori Egger
Chief Financial Officer

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