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Vincent Lindenmeyer

The Black Votes Matter Adult Learning Tour, a Diversity & Inclusion learning experience designed for young professionals


Preston Love, Jr., exec. Dir. of the Black Votes Matter Institute would like for you to consider sending a few young professionals on the Black Votes Matter Adult Learning Tour, June 21-28, 2020. The Black Votes Matter Adult Learning Tour is experiential learning designed to equip young professionals to understand leadership & diversity through an immersive, cohort experience. 

I attended last year and can assure you that it is amazing and life-changing. I was able to implement a microlearning course and a unique story collection system for his BVM youth tour. We were able to demonstrate the efficacy of his Black Votes Matter Tour, both qualitatively and quantitatively. I would be happy to discuss this aspect with you, as well!  (Vince Lindenmeyer,

Would you: