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Mission Direct Primary Care

Telehealth+ Membership to Provide Much Needed Access for Primary Care Needs


As a response to limited in-person appointment availability in many local primary care clinics due to COVID-19 restrictions Mission Direct Primary Care is offering a Telehealth+ membership option. Membership includes unlimited telehealth visits with your personal doctor by phone, text, or video visit, even after hours for urgent needs. While COVID-19 preparedness and response is vitally important for public health, individuals still have day-to-day health needs, such as chronic disease management and illness evaluation, including COVID-19 assessment, that must be addressed.


Because Mission Direct Primary Care is independently owned and operated the organization was able to quickly adopt telehealth as the preferred way to care for their patients. It became evident that when telehealth is offered in the context of an in-depth doctor/ patient relationship, a comprehensive health history, and wellness assessment it can offer a very high quality of primary care.


“Having a physician that knows you and your health history, that you can see when you need to means that you go to the emergency room less, you get admitted to the hospital less, and you are less likely to need surgery, all while needing to see your primary care doctor less, too. Consistent and personalized access to care will keep you healthy and out of clinics and hospitals, which is vitally important right now in the middle of this crisis,” stated Dr. John Hallgren, Co-Founder of Mission Direct Primary Care and family physician with over 20 years of experience both in the Air Force and in private practice.


Dr. Hallgren adds, “research consistently shows that you have better health if you have a continuous relationship with a primary care physician -- one you see almost every time, not just the person who happens to be available on the schedule that day. We are now able to offer that enhanced personal relationship with our members with not only our Primary Care Complete memberships but also with our new Telehealth+ memberships. Ultimately our community will get the primary care they need at this critical time and that will keep them healthier over the long term.”

Media Contact : Elizabeth Hallgren,, 402-509-8964
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