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Social Media in the Workplace - An Emoji is Worth a Thousand Words


When:   Thursday, October 7, 2021

Time:  9:00am - 10:30am

Where: Virtual

Squeaky Clean HR Series

Effective management of human resources is essential for creating successful organizational results. As a part of doing business, nonprofit organizations must be aware of and adhere to all legal employment requirements, exercise fair and equitable HR practices that attract and retain qualified individuals, and provide a safe work environment. The Squeaky Clean HR Series will help nonprofit leaders and HR staff to provide a safe, welcoming, and productive work environment while protecting their employees and their organization from harmful and illegal practices.

The Squeaky Clean HR Series content is presented by the Human Resource Association of the Midlands and the Nonprofit Association of the Midlands.                    


“Social Media in the Workplace - An Emoji is Worth a Thousand Words”

Speaker:  Sara McCue, Baird Holm LLP

TOPIC:  With the continuing expansion of technology and hybrid workplaces, employers face unique challenges to assure their policies and procedures are both legally compliant and help minimize legal liability. This presentation will highlight some of the developing legal issues surrounding social media use in the workplace (and remote workers), and will include a practical discussion of what you can and cannot do in terms of regulating employee social media use.


    Recruitment through social media; interviews, hiring and background checks of potential hires

    Employee usage of social media during work hours and the rise of remote work from home

    Negative comments and possible slander against company by current employees or post-elimination

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Media Contact : Erin Crouch
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