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October Flavors are here!


Hey Boo! OCTOBER FLAVORS are here! 

THE BAD WITCH: Grab your brooms, ladies. This is a charcoal fudge brownie cake donut dipped in a slime green matcha superfood frosting. Decorated with naughty sprinkles, of course, because someone's been naughty this year! Oh wait, wrong holiday. 

MACROS: 8g pro / 12g net carb / 17g fat 238 kcal. / 3g fiber / 3g sugar 

THE GOOD WITCH: This donut will have you following the yellow brick road to hole heaven. Ube toffee nut cake donut dipped in a superfood frosting. (What's in the frosting cauldron you ask? A dash of ube, a sprinkle of butterfly pea tea, and a touch of dragon fruit). 

MACROS: 8g pro / 9g net carb / 13g fat 191 kcal. / 1.5g fiber / 2g sugar 

THE BASIC WITCH: You guessed it. Our vegan pumpkin spice & sweet potato cake donut dipped in sugar-free and dairy-free creamy frosting. (It's fall and we honestly just really wish we could fill ALL of our holes with pumpkin spice...but just this one hole will have to do.) 

MACROS: 11g pro / 17g net carb / 11g fat 214 kcal. / 2.5g fiber / 5g sugar Vegan, Dairy Free, Soy Free 

*Always gluten-free made with extra love*


Media Contact : Holly Wiest
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