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Curtiss Driver

Lion's Automotive Upholstery


Lion's Automotive Upholstery is so grateful for all of our customers who have kept us busy over the last 30+ years, and particularly over the last couple of months. We've added some cleaning and sanitizing procedures when handling people's vehicles and parts, and a few weeks ago, we began producing clear face shields to donate to hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, ambulance services, dental clinics, and others who need them across the country. We took some down to UNMC and they evaluated them and approved them for use there. We are truly excited to be able to help our community, our state, and our country. So far we have donated over 1200 face shields and are spending all of our free time making more. If you or someone you know needs clear face shields, please contact us at 402-331-5466, email, or message us on facebook @LionsAutoUpholstery


Media Contact : Lisa Driver
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