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Tara Bantam

Learn to Harness the Power of Conflict


Mediation Process 

October 21–December 7 | Online Hybrid


When conflicts arise (and they will), great leaders manage them and even use the conflict to help their teams improve. This seven-week course is taught online, with two required half-day, on-campus workshops. The course introduces students to the theories, models, skills and techniques used in mediation, a major conflict engagement process. Students are given opportunities to practice various techniques used by mediators during the mediation process through online discussions, demonstration role plays, active learning exercises, videos and readings. Students will also explore:

  • The impact of various issues, including trust, forgiveness, culture, gender and power, on the mediation process
  • The role of the mediator, parties and attorneys in mediation
  • The connection between mediator ethics and Ignatian values
  • Challenges that arise during mediation

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