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Change has a ripple effect. A shift in one area of life - a dietary change, new policies at work that impact our role and responsibilities, a health issue that forces us to recalibrate what we need or are able to manage - can generate a need for conversations about it in so many others. These conversations can be so uncomfortable, it can seem easier to avoid them, but that leads to further tension that can have real and lasting impact on our business and  professional life as well as interpersonal relationships. 

A current example: as we enter into a new phase of the pandemic and our social landscape shifts again and again, we are met with new and complex social dilemmas. We will encounter situations in which people are divided about what they feel is safe contact, what conditions we and others have for spending time together, and differences about what information sources are trustworthy. With all of these challenges, there is an even greater need than ever to practice emotionally intelligent communication that can empower us to navigate these situations with compassion for others as well as clarity for ourselves in professional and personal relationships.

Improv is one of the most effective methods for learning to communicate over emotional, cultural or social barriers, deliver information with clarity and rapidly absorb what others are expressing. The exercises and games improvisers use to tell stories in real time together without a plan or script are next-level tools for finding common ground even when there are differing points of view or conflicting interests. 

This workshop will use improv and storytelling exercises that play with awkward dynamics and allow us to expand into seeing and trying a range of possible responses. Through deep listening, practicing the “yes...and” philosophy of accepting the realities we face, and experimenting with responses that are emotionally intelligent, we will practice a mind and skill set for navigating transitions with humanity and creativity.

Join us for this engaging workshop: Friday, May 14, noon-2pm. Fee: $60; click on the link below to register.

Tina Bakehouse, MA is an executive communication coach, who develops and facilitates a wide-range of creative communication workshops for educators, managers, and other professionals in the Omaha-metro area, specializing in storytelling for professionals from diverse fields, including health care, business and not-for-profits. For 10 years, she taught at Creighton University Communication Studies Department, as spoken at TEDx and conferences throughout the midwest and performed in storytelling shows in Iowa and New York. Find out more at 

Jude Treder-Wolff, LCSW, CGP. CPAI has 30 years experience in clinical practice, is President of Lifestage, Inc, a training companyspecializing in creative approaches to personal and professional development, which is a NYS-approved provider of Continuing Education for SocialWorkers. She has studied improvisation continuously for the past 15 years, having completed the The Magnet Theater Training Program and ThePeoples Improv Theater Training Program and in classes with improv teachers around the country. As chair of the 2019 Applied Improv NetworkWorld Conference in partnership with the Alan Alda Center For Communicating Science, she coordinated with her team to produce a 4-day meetingof professionals from around the world exploring the theme "Communicating Over Barriers And Boundaries." She is published in the InternationalJournal of Arts In Psychotherapy, Music Therapy Perspectives, Recovery Press, writes about applications of improvisation and storytelling, and has been interviewed for articles appearing in NBC News, VICE, Bustle, LI Pulse, Chicago Tribune, Newsday, LA Times, Women'sDay and many others. 

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