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Gluten-Free Protein Donuts!


November flavors are now LIVE! 

Order online at


Channeling our inner Gwen because this ish is B-A-N-A-N-A-S. Banana cake donut filled with a chunky keto-friendly banana rum reduction sauce. Each donut includes 10mg of anti-inflammatory pure C-B-D isolate to make you PEEL better cause we ain't monkey-ing around! You'll love this donut a BUNCH. Wow, these puns are RIPE. 

MACROS: 7.5g pro / 10g net carb / 16g fat / 225 kcal. / 2.5g fiber / 5g sugar 


Take a dry holiday scone but make it way better. Make it moist. Make it cornbread. (yes, we know the name of this donut is ‘misspelled’, almost as if it were a nod to Holly’s Iowa lineage) 

MACROS: 7g pro / 11g net carb / 11g fat / 180 kcal. / 2.5g fiber / 4g sugar 


Thanksgiving got a little healthier when we combined pecan pie with sweet potato pie for this babe. Sweet potato donut dipped in a marshmallow glaze and topped with sugar-free candied nuts (pecans and walnuts). 

MACROS: 8.5g pro / 10g net carb / 11g fat / 176 kcal. / 3g fiber / 3g sugar

Mystery Boxes are BACK!

Mystery Boxes by BFitBaking are healthy holiday goodie trays!

Reminiscent of all the holiday cookies our mothers and grandmothers would put together for our neighbors and friends, this box is the perfect gift to bring to your next party or gathering (or all for your dang self since it's #2020 and plus, you deserve it)

Each box includes a variety of 15 total dessert items. All gluten-free!

Preorder for pick up or local delivery starting 11/9 through 11/30. 

Please select a valid date during checkout.

Variety of:

-Granola Balls: CranOrange, Pumpkin, Chocolate
-Natural Sugar Toffee
-White Bark (vegan)
-Pepita Coconut Cluster (vegan)
-Truffles (vegan)
-Caramel Shortbread Cookies (vegan)
-Ginger Molasses Cookies (vegan)

 *Always gluten-free made with extra love*


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