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DRO: Mass Care Sheltering Service Associate


Purpose:  The role of Sheltering Service Associate is to serve as a member of a temporary work unit on a disaster relief

operation to successfully complete their assigned areas of responsibility on a disaster relief operation. They ensure

safe sheltering at a single shelter throughout the cycle of the disaster.

Location(s): Virtual Assignment

Reports To: DRO: Mass Care Sheltering Supervisor


• Serve as a shelter worker on a disaster relief operation. Roles may include working in reception, registration,

feeding, dormitory, information, or other areas within a shelter.

• Meeting disaster-caused sheltering needs of individuals, families, and communities.

• Providing services with kindness and compassion that are accessible and equitable to all clients.

• Maintaining clear communication and collaboration with supervisor and peers.

• Ensuring accuracy in all assigned tasks.

• Providing accurate reporting of sheltering activity as assigned.

Media Contact : Barby Clark
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