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Common Senses Festival | April 2022


Common Senses Festival is a month-long, city-wide festival in Omaha, Nebraska taking place in April 2022. Festival attendees will experience installations that engage all senses through visual art and technology, live performances for neurodiverse communities, and lectures on research, technology, and inclusion in the arts. Events are sensory-friendly and inclusive to everyone in the community, allowing neurotypical individuals to connect with those who are neurodiverse.

In addition, Common Senses Festival will provide many opportunities to share the perspectives of individuals on the spectrum to broad public through Common Voices, a curated piece by one of our festival creatives and Timbre Talks, a facilitated conversation with self-advocates which will provide momentum to further inclusion efforts and changes in our community.

Discover what makes humans unique. Discover what we all have in common.


Media Contact : Katie Ping
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