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Certified Situation Awareness Specialist® training


Elite Tactical Security & Protection is proud to have partnered with Arcuri Group LLC to provide Certified Situation Awareness Specialist® training

This 3.5-hour instructor-led program provides students with a foundation of knowledge in the Craft known as Situational Awareness. The Situation Awareness Specialist® Certificate program is designed to educate the participant in the discipline of situational awareness, thereby creating a security awareness practitioner capable of understanding and dealing with the dynamics of random and potentially threatening events while planning day to day activities.  

Upon completion of this program, the participant will understand the principles of situational awareness and be recognized as a Situation Awareness Specialist® by Arcuri Group LLC, Elite Tactical LLC, and associated professional community. 

Elite Tactical is excited to provide this training to agencies, businesses, and private citizens in the Nebraska area.  Contact us today for more information on this program and how we can set up specialized training for your organization. 


Situation Awareness Specialist® Training has been approved in multiple states for CEUs for law enforcement personnel and is vital in a myriad of industries, including insurance, transportation, education, security, emergency services, and the average citizen’s everyday life. Becoming a Situation Awareness Specialist® makes you a force multiplier for good.


Business Owners and Staff Members

Entertainment and Shopping Business Operators

Hotel Operators, Theme Park Managers, and Staff

Security Managers and Practitioners


Factory Managers and Security Leaders

Industrial Production Yard Managers

Large Construction Site Managers

Railroad Yard Leadership / Security Managers


Facility Managers and Staff

Security Officials

School Administrators

Public Domain Officials

TRANSPORTATION SECTOR (Specialized Certificate SAS-T):

Airport Managers and Officials, Aviation Security Professionals, Airline and AVSEC Staff

Rail Station Managers and Officials

Cruise Port Officials, Port Security, Ship Personnel


Event Planners and Organizers

Venue Management

Non-Profit Location Leaders and Staff


Hospital Management and Department Heads

Hospital Security Managers and Officers

Nursing Home Operators, Management and Staff


Media Contact : Nicholas Lemek
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