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2021 HRAM IDEAL Award


The HRAM IDEAL Award is a tiered application based on company initiatives and accomplishments within diversity & inclusion.  The award is given out at the D&I Chapter Program each year. 

“To fully embrace and promote diversity and inclusion into our business strategies and decisions, in the workplace and the community, honoring the fundamental value and dignity of all individuals.”

The HRAM IDEAL Award stems from the HRAM Mosaic Award.  The Mosaic Award was given annually and recognized an organization that had made outstanding contributions to workplace diversity.  The award was given out at HRAM's Annual Diversity Program.


In 2019, the HRAM Diversity and Inclusion Committee wanted to recognize Omaha companies and organizations for their D&I initiatives, research, implementation and successes, at all levels.  With the passion and drive from their sub-committee, they created a new direction for the Mosaic Award a created the IDEAL Award.


The mission and goal behind the application process was designed to allow companies of all sizes and stages of their D&I initiatives to be recognized for their accomplishments.  


Level 1 – THRIVE (Leading and Resources) 

Top-level award for organizations who efforts have established them as a leader and resource by implementing diversity and inclusion policy in their workplace.


Level 2 – EMERGE (Implementation)

Organizations who display an ongoing commitment to implementing existing policy.


Level 3 – CULTIVATE (Recognize)

Organizations who are excelling at initial efforts to recognize the need for diversity and inclusion efforts.


Two complimentary registrations to the November Chapter Program

Recognition during HRAM Event Announcements

Community press releases sent to media outlets

Recognized on and within email marketing to membership

Participate in panel discussion with all award recipients and applicants

Receive a digital badge to place on website and email signature

>>>Review the application questions before you apply online                    

>>>Apply online today!                    


Media Contact : Erin Crouch
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