Michael Hennings, Director & Cinematographer


I’m Midwest born and raised, but the world is my home, and my friends are my family. I love to travel, I love to laugh, run around, ride bikes, take in the sweet smell of coffee or whiskey, and enjoy the pure magic of an organic conversation.

I spent my younger years running around barefoot in Lincoln, Nebraska, where I eventually went to school to be a high school social science teacher. I got into production after college when my brother decided to start a video production studio. We did that together for 5 years, and when he moved on to greener pastures I went rogue and joined the community of freelance film pros. I’ve never looked back.

As a creative and an ENFP, I get energized by ideas and the people around me. I thrive off of collaboration, ideation, and creativity, and I love bringing out the best in people. I want to create beautiful things, and the camera and lens are the perfect tools to reproduce and perpetuate beauty. Video production connects with all the things that drive me: constant challenge, seeking inspiration, continuous learning, surrounding myself with creative people, and a visual art form I can pour myself into.

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