Lane Hickenbottom

5701 S. 108th Street
Omaha NE 68137
About Us

Omaha Headshot Company provides premium headshots to anybody who wants to portray themselves as likable or credible. We expand professionals' visibility.

I'm a humble Nebraska boy through-and-through. I like hot coffee in the morning, cold beer in the evening, and a productive day in between. I cherish my three boys and cuddling with my wife.

I yearn for wide open, unspoiled spaces where I can watch the sun dip low to the horizon. My heart beats wildly any time I look up on a dark, starry summer night in the country; when the crunch of autumn leaves carpets my trail; when snowflakes the size of fists drift softly from above; and when the fragrant smell of blossoming Nebraska pear trees whisper, "spring has sprung."

I first dove head-first into photography about 20 years ago and strive to improve every day since. As your headshot photographer, I strive to make you look your best and help you succeed.


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