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Experience results like never before with a Huntrex websiteAndroid, iOS, or progressive web app. Step away from the stress of an expensive investment and tedious setup, and gain your visitors' trust through custom designs equipped with powerful messages and technology. Plus, you'll receive lifetime support, streamlined updates, and integrated hosting, billing, and management. Launch your website or app today - on budget, and faster than you thought possible at

How does it work?

Huntrex will create a design strategy and proposal following a brief needs assessment. Then Huntrex will send you a detailed proposal. Huntrex consultations are free, and you're under no obligation or pressure to sign before you're fully confident.

You will receive regular updates, a private preview link, and feedback opportunities. Huntrex will launch your website or app following your final approval. Your annual subscription covers technology, maintenance, assistance with updates, and more.

We respect that business leaders are busy, often have a limited budget and may not be technology or marketing experts. Your Huntrex website or app will adapt to business and technical changes for years. When you have a question or need help, someone you know and trust will only be moments away.

Designing Websites and Apps for Real World Results

Huntrex helps companies create engaging and impactful website and app experiences. Our innovative technology, clean designs, and simplified editing & management tools enable businesses to achieve their goals quickly and efficiently.

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