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Elite Tactical Security & Protection specializes in: secure transport, personal protection, event, and on-site security. Elite Tactical employs highly trained and experienced agents to protect your properties, personnel, and patrons. Elite Tactical also uses both armored and covert vehicles manned by trained professional agents to safely and securely transport your cargo. Elite Tactical doesn’t just do secure transport and protection.  Elite sets the standard in security detail and training for houses of worship, schools, and places of business as well as special events.  We believe in a “White Glove” approach to all our security and safety operations. Perfection is the Standard.

In addition, Elite also provides intelligence analysis, Standard Operation Procedure development, security consultations, and safety & security classes. If it has to do with security and safety, Elite has you covered. 

Trust is the most important thing we can build with our clients. That’s why integrity is paramount at Elite. Our agents, our business practices, every aspect of our service understands the importance of Integrity. Security, Integrity, and Professionalism are more than a slogan. They’re the backbone of our mission: keeping people safe. That’s why we won’t compromise when it comes to providing our clients with the protection they deserve and should expect from professionals. 

Elite prides itself on being the only company in the Midwest that is 100% IFPO certified, with the highest trained agents in the industry. We also are the only company to offer living wages to our employees, allowing them to focus on security and high levels of customer service. While other security companies hire minimum-wage, untrained security guards, every Elite Tactical agent receives 25 hours of initial in-house training as well as 17 hours of training online. Training continues with monthly in-services and training, both via video conference and in person. In addition, each agent must complete the IFPO Initial Security Officer Program. More than half of our agents have completed the Professional Security Officer Program and our supervisors are required to complete the Certified Protection Officer Program. Elite Tactical agents are not only the most highly trained in the Midwest, we are proud to say our agents are also paid a living wage with our entry-level positions starting at $15/hour. Our agents are able to focus on security and professionalism, creating a culture of “Perfection is the Standard.” 

Elite is also the only security company in Omaha that is truly committed to our community, our clients, and our employees. Elite Tactical provides free security consultations to all houses of worship as well as providing free training to marginalized communities. We believe that every person deserves to be treated with respect and dignity and our agents hold service as a core value. We believe safe communities require more than security guards and fences, we believe it requires engaging with people, recognizing their humanity, and moving forward to create the community we want.

We are also pleased to announce that we are offering the Situation Awareness Specialist (SAS) Professional Certificate in partnership with Arcuri Group LLC.  

Elite Tactical is a member of the International Foundation for Protection Officers, the Jeweler's Security Alliance, the Diplomatic Security Service Overseas Security Advisory Council, and the Secure Cash & Transport Association, 

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