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Edge of the Universe


Bars Coffee Shops


"Those who don't believe in Magic,
will never find it."

- Roald Dahl - 

In 2019 Rachel Evans and Adam Van Osdel had a dream - to open up a museum cafe where the theme of the cafe changes every few months. With every new theme they'll feature a new local artist who will contribute to the vision of that theme and its execution. Also, with every new theme we will host a new nonprofit for that time period to highlight their work in the community. There will be new and exciting cocktails, coffees, decor, costumes, events, and of course, magic!

Still confused? It's a really fun coffee / hot chocolate / cocktails / niblets place.

You'll, like, really love it.

Oh, and it's called 'Edge of the Universe' because no one is alien at the edge of the universe.

So come as you are or as you'd like to be.

Additional Info

Ownership : African American / Black

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