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WHAT I DO: Help transform people’s lives into the lives they want to live through professional coaching. 

WHO I WORK WITH: People who feel stuck and wondering if change is even possible (don't worry, it is).

WHY IT WORKS: Accountability, guidance, and innovative approaches to remove barriers and get results.

WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT: I’m not here to impose a one-size-fits-all approach—we figure out what approach will work for you, and then we get after it. 


"I began my work with Amy as I was struggling to find my way on a potential career transition. Her approach was thoughtful, yet very focused. She has a unique ability to ask probing questions that required me to reflect on aspects of my career I hadn't considered. She is an excellent and engaged listener.  I came away from my sessions with Amy having a renewed appreciation for my strengths and weakness and how I could use them to my advantage in charting out a new direction. If you need to jump start a new career search or want to embark on a new journey in life, Amy would be a great resource." ---CC (BTW, he found his dream job about 1.5 months later!)

"I feel so lucky to have found Amy! She is immensely intuitive and skillful at helping me see what I'm not seeing, which is valuable beyond measure in addressing what is holding me back in life. She has been the perfect partner in making me feel safe, seen, and creating the change that I seek in an enjoyable way. The results just keep unfolding week after week! It's exciting to create so much change in such a short period of time! I HIGHLY recommend!"  --AL

"Amy is such a great coach and I enjoyed our sessions together. Her expertise is invaluable! She helped me make progress in overcoming learned behaviors that were holding me back. I am able to approach different aspects of my life that once caused me anxiety with a sense of tranquility. I highly recommend her services!" --AG

"Working with Amy was a pleasure and a breeze. She has a great ability to create a safe space for clarity to arise. This allowed me to feel confident and supported while making some meaningful changes in my life. The process was easy and thoroughly enjoyable. Thank you Amy!" --B

HOW IT WORKS: First, we set up a quick call so you can share with me about what’s going on with you, where you’re stuck, what you actually want, and how soon you want to achieve it. 

If I can help, I’ll tell you what I do and how we’ll work together.   


Amy Bracht

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